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Tea: Why you should be drinking it, and a brand to support.


By Eve Mellis

Feb 9. 2021 Updated 3:31 p.m. ET

You're either a coffee-lover or a tea-drinker; there's hardly an in-between.  Whether you wake up to a scalding cup of joe or unwind with an herbal immersion, there's more to what's in your favorite mug. 

As an avid tea drinker myself, I enjoy sipping on a chai in the morning and relaxing with a cup of sleepy time before bed. Not only do teas like chai contain caffeine, aid in digestion, and help reduce blood sugar levels, but it's also apparent that they may help improve heart health. Chai isn't the only tea with these beneficial properties. So, what I'm trying to tell you is that if you aren't part of the tea-cult yet..., you should consider initiating. 





Tea is a beverage that is for anyone. Those who love a sweetly steeped brew can go for some of Tazo's "Dessert Delights," or if you like a hot cup with a kick, how about a Stash "Cinnamon Apple Chamomile?!" Beyond those flavorful blends, there are also specific teas designed to target and combat sickness and discomfort. For example, my frequently aching stomach causes me to reach for Traditional Medicinals' "Organic Belly Comfort" tea. It's hard to be an opposer of such a versatile drink.

Now, you might be wondering, "Eve, how does your rambling have to do any 'Good.' ?" Well, the "Good." not only comes from its benefits, but you can support new, black-owned, or up-and-coming tea shops. Though grabbing for a classic Lipton concoction isn't hurting anyone, there are more ways to feel "Good." and do "Good." while drinking a savory brew.


"...there are more ways to feel "Good." and do "Good." while drinking a savory brew."

I came across Blk & Bold, a tea and coffee company, with an initiative to give back to "sustaining youth programming, enhancing workforce development, and eradicating youth homelessness." Not only do Blk & Bold donate 5% of their profits to these causes, but they also make delicious loose leaf teas and tasty, whole bean, ground, and steeped coffees. On top of that, they are black-owned. Now more than ever, it's critical to support small businesses, especially those run by people of color. Founders Pernell and Rod's initiative correlates with ours as you will receive excellent products and simultaneously help out important causes. 

All in all, Blk & Bold grants an opportunity to try new things, improve your health, give back, and enjoy a cup of a delightful beverage. 


My favorite chai: Stash Spice Dragon Red Chai, $3.95


Blk & Bold Chai Loose Leaf Green Tea, SOLD OUT

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