Bright Lights DIY Tie Dye Kit
  • Finally... the perfect do-it-yourself tie dye kit! This kit includes everything you need: 2 pairs of gloves, a plastic sheet, 4 adorable colors in easy-to-use squeeze bottles, 2 scrunchies to dye, 1 breathable face mask to dye, rubber bands, and a clear instructional guide. The best kit for the holiday season!

    Bright Lights DIY Tie Dye Kit

    • - 2 pairs of gloves

      - A plastic sheet

      - Red powdered dye in squeeze bottle

      - Green powdered dye in squeeze bottle

      - Blue powdered dye in squeeze bottle

      - Orange powdered dye in squeeze bottle

      - 2 scrunchies to dye

      - 1 breathable face mask to dye

      -  Rubber bands

      - Clear instructional guide

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